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In 2018, Portfolia launched the first ever venture capital fund focused exclusively in women’s health, FemTech I. We blazed a trail to put women’s health in the spotlight. After bringing women's health to the forefront, and finalizing 20+ investments in the space, we’re ready to pioneer in the next wave of FemTech innovation. 

Women now control the majority of wealth in the US. We're the 'purchasing agents' of the world.  We are proven to be better long-term investors. The world is a better place when women invest in innovation. We have the power and influence to make women’s health a priority.  


Trish Costello

From Femtech Insider: An Interview with Portfolia Founder & CEO, Trish Costello 

The New Femtech II Fund, Learnings from Femtech I and Opportunities in Women’s Health Innovation.

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Women’s Health Companies in Portfolia’s Existing Funds:

Our first Femtech fund focused on companies helping women address a range of concerns from fertility, cancer diagnostics and menopause, to pain management, osteoporosis, and telehealth options for working women. Our next Femtech fund will continue to invest in high-potential opportunities that can be both profitable and grant women greater health and wellness. These are examples of women’s health companies we have invested in through our first Femtech Fund, and other Portfolia Funds. Reserve your spot today to invest in more great companies revolutionizing women’s health!


Learn more about the fund and meet the visionaries heading the FemTech II leadership team.

FemTech II Lead Visionaries

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Investment funds designed for women to invest in the innovative companies they want to see in the world, for returns and impact.





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