PBWC Oct 20th Women Leaders Event (4)

Are you a female leader looking to actively drive the change you want to see in the world?

Join us on October 20th at 12pm PT to learn how a fast-growing community of women business executives are embracing venture investing as a way to drive the innovation and change women want. What kinds of start-ups do women invest in? How does learning to be a venture investor make you a better leader? How does it create change? How can we support promising female and people of color founders -- and pursue great returns while doing so? 

Portfolia Founder & CEO Trish Costello will lead a discussion with Daphne Dickson, COO of SFG Asset Advisors, Maggie Sanchez, global business executive and strategic advisor and investor at Peak Digital, and Tina Tran, Director of Business Development at Microsoft. Join us for an insightful and inspirational discussion on how visionary women leaders can use their wealth, savvy and influence to create a better world.

For many women, becoming active financial investors represents the fourth frontier. Learn how accomplished leaders are diving into venture investing as a way to flex their financial power to create a better world.



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Investment funds designed for women to invest in the innovative companies they want to see in the world, for returns and impact.





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